Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I love Dropbox!

I discovered Dropbox back in December 2012 (yes I know, not that long ago, but it sure feels like it!)   
All I can say is, "where have you been all my life?"   
Dropbox is the best thing I have come across since... iced coffee, and that's saying something!  
I take pictures, a LOT of pictures, with our phone and tablet, and sharing them online wasn't a big deal, but getting them on our computer to use or play with wasn't so easy.   
Now, we take a picture and it is automatically uploaded to our Dropbox account, which is also on our computer.  So now I just have to open the folder to find any pictures we've taken. Easy Peasy!! I use Dropbox every single day! 

I had to share this video I took a couple of weeks ago at Lake Roberts in Mimbres, NM.  

I did it with my Samsung Note Tablet and when we got home (where there's a signal) it was instantly on my computer in my Dropbox folder :)  Can't beat that with a stick!  *LOL*