Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whitewater Baldy Wildfire

The Whitewater Baldy wildfire here in southwestern New Mexico was only 40 miles from where I lived by my parents. These pictures are from my parents front yard. 

It appears to be under control now,  Praise God!

There is so much aftermath to deal with now. The displaced wildlife, the ash tht is now getting into the Gila River and causing issues further down stream.  Goes to show why responsible logging isn't a bad thing. 

I don't think that they log down here at all, nothing like they do up North in Pennsylvania and the other Northern states.  Possibly why we don't hear about a lot of wildfires in those states, at least not as often. 

Smoke over Silver City, NM 
Now just praying monsoon season brings nice steady rain without a lot of lightening. 
View of the Mogollion Mts from Hwy 180 W just up the hill from my parents house.
     With all of the vegetation burned, the forest floor is a bit of a mess, so maybe it will just be light and steady instead of torrential downpours that we tend to get. 

Not a great shot, but this was at night, the red glow was so bright!

      Prayers for all of those affected by the Colorado fires and elsewhere! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Baby, I'm Due Items

I love these designs I created for people to tell everyone that they are expecting, what they are expecting and when they are expecting.

They are adorable for expecting Mom's, Dad's, Grandparents, etc...

Big Brother/Sister Designs will be coming in the next week or so!

Re-using Plastic Bottle Tops

I've done this before and was thrilled to see 1SaleADay share this picture on Fb.
It's such a great idea and a great way to recycle a plastic bottle if you have to buy them. =o)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gallery Additions: South of the Border

I took this picture of Juarez, Mexico from the El Paso side of the USA/Mexico border.
It is available as a print in my gallery here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Favorites...

Summer Favorites Treasury by  Mississippi Delta Treasures.. thank you so much for including me!!

Finally... All Moved In

Well, Joseph and I finally got moved closer to his work. :) Yay!
Now he only has to drive 6 miles (one way) to work instead of 32 (one way).
We moved our last load in Saturday and would you believe Saturday night I got so sick, I honestly wasn't sure I was going to survive it... okay so I exaggerate, but I was in complete misery until Monday morning!

I did manage to get myself up and about Monday, put the kitchen together somewhat and then spent a goodly amount of time dealing with the IRS... Yes, big UGH!  But it's all good, actually spoke with a very pleasant and helpful lady. :)  

Today (Tuesday) I spoke with a very nice IRS guy (seriously, he was very helpful and pleasant!) and then did a conference call.

Now I'm a little more back on track, so we'll see how much I accomplish this week.  =o)

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!!